30Jul 2019

When Good Things DON’T Come to Those Who Wait: How Pharma Companies Compare in Governance Efficiency

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Predicting when a competing product will be approved is essential in any commercial forecast and for any business insights team with their eye on the market.  Here at OZMOSI, we have been spending our summer building out a machine learning approach to further improve our drug approval date forecasting.  Typically, [...]

1Jul 2019

Keeping up with the Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia

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Keeping up with pharmaceutical landscape around the world, especially in Asia, is essential in today’s market. Here are some of the biggest news stories emerging from Asian countries that are making big strides in drug development. China: Recently, China has been quickly advancing in the process of approving of [...]

10Oct 2018

China Reshaping the Clinical Trial Pipeline

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Finally, the data is in here at OZMOSI, and we can start tracking and reporting on the clinical development expected to come out of China.  Gone are the days of developing drugs only in the US and then watching them slowly make their way to the rest of the world. [...]

27Sep 2018

The Clinical Trial Powershift

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Pharmaceutical companies are being pushed aside when it comes to who is driving clinical outcomes. Despite the growing number of industry trials year over year, the pharmaceutical industry is taking a back seat to the even faster growing hospital groups and universities in the same space.  Looking back to the [...]

16Nov 2017

ELI LILLY in the Diabetes Market

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For years, Eli Lilly’s main contributions to the Diabetes market were their insulins: fast acting analog Humalog® and human insulin Humalin and two premix offerings in analog Humalog® Mix 50/50 and human premix Humalin 75/25. Despite a legacy category, this portfolio of insulins continues to drive significant revenue with over [...]

19Oct 2017


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Novo Nordisk remains a top player in the Diabetes market with blockbuster insulins NovoLog®  and Levemir® which brought in a combined almost $3.5 billion in 20166, Victoza® a GLP-1 that brought in $2.1 billion in 20166, and recently launched Basal insulin/GLP-1 combination product Xultophy®,  which is expected to reach $1.2 [...]