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🔥Companies with important clinical readouts Coming soon📅

$RVMD RMC-4630 (SHP-2 Inhibitor) by Revolution Medicines in P2 - NCT05054725
$ESAIY Phenamil (ENaC Inhibitor,TRPP3 Inhibitor) by Eisai in P2 - NCT03477175
$MRTX Sitravatinib (RTK Inhibitor) by Mirati in P1 - NCT04518046

🧬 SPDR Biotech $XBI Movers Today 🩸

Top 3 XBI Gainers:
$IBRX (ImmunityBio) 9.37% 📈
$ARCT (Arcturus Ther.) 14.73% 📈
$YMAB (Y-mAbs Ther.) 59.88% 📈

Top 3 XBI Laggards:
$RNA (Avidity Bio) -8.3% 🔻
$VBIV (VBI Vaccines) -2.4% 🔻
$AKBA (Akebia Ther.) -2.2% 🔻

FDA approves Narcan for over-the-counter use. Expected to be available late summer without a prescription - retail price is TBD. https://buff.ly/3U0vYge $EBS #opiodcrisis #FDA #OTC #Overdose

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