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Accessing industry data – specifically from the clinical trial activity and drug development efforts – is not the problem our clients face. The challenge facing most pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical researchers is assembling the most comprehensive clinical trial data set, establishing custom data categories and tags, and analyzing it to inform and drive decision-making. Our clients can be confident when partnering with OZMOSI because our data and analytics are that comprehensive.

By utilizing machine learning and AI, we can locate clinical information about a drug or compound in multiple databases and APIs across the globe, remove duplicate records and miscatalogued entries, and supply our clients with customized reports and visualizations that can be used in “what if” scenario planning and support pipeline investment decisions that drive value for your organization.

More importantly, our databases are all indexed and connected, which allows us to easily configure the right level of data for your needs.

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If you want to run a market analysis of all the pharmaceutical clinical pipeline portfolios in your market, we have the cleanest data to support any analysis. We always include the right set of data categories – including your proprietary data – for a customized, comprehensive data set. This means your proprietary database can effortlessly connect with all the latest clinical and news events because it is now indexed and connected through OZMOSI.

Our services are specially selected for our clients and can be used independently or bundled to best achieve your goals and objectives, no matter how specific. We understand that our clients have specific data needs for their specific business questions, and we bring the right level and mix of data and analytics to address them.  Our tailor-made services provide access to intelligent insights from pre-clinical, to clinical, to in-market data.

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