We created GCT because free data should be free.

Global Clinical Trial data (GCT) is a free, real-time database of more than 500,000+ clinical trial records.


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Download global clinical trial records for free and gain access to more data elements.

Global Clinical Trial Data (GCT) cleans and processes clinical trial data to make valuable products for our clients, starting with this clinical trial data.

We assembled clinical trial data from various trial registries into one easy-to-use, free database; GCT.

This data is freely available on various trial data registries, and we believe it should also be available in a user-friendly format.

Our current clinical trial data registries:

Additional clinical trial registries are added as soon as they become available.

If you need this data for more robust modeling and reporting, we can help with that. OZMOSI can take the results and go further with BEAM, PRYZM, KRYSTL, and LENZ.

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