Say hello to BEAM.

A radically new competitive intelligence tool that cuts through data noise to deliver the clinical data you need when you need it and how you need it through BEAM Reporting and BEAM Point in Time delivery.

BEAM Reporting

Intuitive Visuals

Utilizing the latest advancements in machine learning and data management, BEAM intuitively highlights trends and categories without giving up the details.

Dynamic Views

Easily find the information you’re looking for right at your fingertips with our powerful filters developed specifically for complex clinical trial data.

Custom Reporting

Create, customize, and save favorite reporting views for yourself or for the whole team.

How it Works

Combine the depth of our BEAM reporting database with over 500,000 clinical trials across six different clinical trial registries, your organization’s disease-specific data, and the expertise of the OZMOSI Professional Services team, and you’ll have a powerful and flexible customized database designed for your unique business needs.

BEAM makes it effortless to test and update your models, make predictions, find market catalyst dates, and make investment decisions in the pharmaceutical industry that give you clarity and confidence.  We have every point-in-time version of clinical trials from the last 20 years, and all our predictions and company names are point-in-time as well, so you can easily review and backtest our data to your specifications.

BEAM Point in Time

Updated daily, BEAM highlights trends and categories in patient segments, MOAs, and endpoints to support clear insights into the pharmaceutical R&D clinical landscape with over 180 key data elements for every trial.

Covers 20+ years of data

1,000,000+ observations of pipeline data

1,800+ pharma & biotech ticker symbols

Includes 10,000+ pharmaceutical products

Risk-Adjusted Value Index Score by Disease Area and Company

In addition to the breadth and depth of our data, Beam Point in Time meets the highest quality standards in the industry for modeling and reporting and surpasses any other data source available. And our point-in-time clinical data is robust and NLP-ready to support any modeling need.

We provide our data to clients through API, S3 buckets, and SFTP, as well as through several data providers. In addition to the best-in-class data cleaning and enhancements, our machine learning-based predictions are of great interest to our investment-minded customers. For the Quant-focused investors, we have two short-term machine learning predictions in the pharmaceutical R&D data space.

1. Relative Stock Performance of Trial Starts (RSPTS) – Every day, roughly half a dozen companies initiate a clinical trial, and our models can predict the impact of that clinical start on the relative stock performance of that company. Our accuracy over the last two years is close to 80%, and we predict companies that will outperform and underperform, so whether you have a long or short strategy, we have the predictions for you.

When these RSPTS predictions are applied in even the most basic portfolio approach, the net results show twice the return compared to a comparable index and back-tested over the last two years.

2. Catalyst dates – Clinical outcomes are one of the most common drivers of value shifts in the pharmaceutical and biotech marketplace. Using our proprietary machine learning prediction models, you can have the predicted announcement dates and the likelihood of success at your fingertips.

For the Fundamental investors, our pharmaceutical pipeline views are the most popular. We provide the Jupyter notebooks necessary to convert this comprehensive data set into the type of views below that we provide through our Pharmaceutical Company R&D Pipeline Portfolio, LENZ.

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