PRYZM delivers the data you need for drugs in use and development worldwide.

Using advanced analytics, we collect, refine, and index data from dozens of trusted sources worldwide for your pre-clinical, clinical, or approved pharmaceuticals in use worldwide.

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When developing a compound or new therapeutic agent, success depends greatly on understanding the competitive landscape. Knowing what treatments have been approved, where they are being used, and how many similar mechanisms of action are in development or already on the market can drive a launch strategy.

PRYZM captures, assembles, and delivers all the pharmaceutical product data you need at your fingertips. Our next-generation technology for aggregating and curating data is best in class, delivering the perfect blend of industry expertise, state-of-the-art machine learning, and AI techniques for delivering the cleanest data for modeling and reporting available in the industry.

 This data is the perfect blend of ~600,000 clinical trials from over the last 20 years updated daily, approval registries from over 80 countries, multiple FDA data sources for filing designation type (Accelerated Approval, Breakthrough Therapy, Fast Track, Orphan), >70,000 company reports, >100,000 PubMed articles. All covering products from preclinical to late-stage development. 

We go one step further for our customers with paid subscriptions. In addition to unlimited daily searches, we push the data to their own secure instance so they can overlay any additional proprietary data on top of search results. This allows them to blend their internal proprietary data with real-time industry intel from PRYZM.

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