Approved Pharmaceutical Products in Use

The Most Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Source of Approved Pharmaceutical Brand Names

Approved Pharmaceutical Products in Use is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, patients, and researchers looking to search or review the list of approved pharmaceuticals by country or company from around the world. 

Our database is comprehensive and up to date across over 75 countries, updated monthly. We provide information on over one million pharmaceutical brand names as well as the latest information on the regulatory status of each product in each country.

This information can be used to make informed decisions about the use of pharmaceutical products, identification of available products/brand names, and especially in choosing the best brand names for new pharmaceutical products.

Approved Pharmaceutical Products in Use Database Sample Output
Example Output

In addition to a comprehensive and searchable database of pharmaceutical brand names/active ingredients, we include dosage forms, strengths, indications, regulatory status, and descriptions, along with approval status and company in each country.

Approved pharmaceutical products in use can be a valuable resource for identifying products available in each country to treat various healthcare needs, for analyzing a company’s portfolio of products by country/countries, or for highlighting global launch strategies across multiple products and companies.

Our data is indexed by product and company so we can easily integrate our Approved Pharmaceutical Product data with our clinical R&D pipeline database, BEAM. When used together, they can provide comprehensive overviews at the country, company, or disease area level of products that are currently in use and in development.

Contact us today for the current list of countries our database covers or to learn more about how you can use this data to address your current business needs.


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