Our pharmaceutical intelligence platform delivers data that is indexed, connected, and drives strategic investment decisions.

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OZMOSI uses AI and machine learning to enhance and refine clinical trial data so you can plan, prepare, and predict in high-risk environments.

Welcome to OZMOSI – a next-generation data and analytics company dedicated to supporting any client investing in the healthcare industry. We’re one of the first to automate clinical trial data collection, and meaningfully incorporate AI and machine learning into data refinement, categorization, and predictions of clinical trial data. We source from six separate global clinical trial registries, and we work directly with your team to determine the best service or suite of services to help you actively plan for your investment strategy.

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We cull data from comprehensive global sources and present it in customizable formats that meet your specific business needs.

OZMOSI provides a range of services to help you uncover opportunities across all phases of drug development. Our proprietary forecasting models are pressure tested, and our powerful software tools allow for quick, flexible delivery of the insight you need, when you need it—and in the format that meets your specific business goals and objectives.

What Our Clients are Saying:

By harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and AI, we’re able to cut through data noise and capture unique and useful insights in our clearly defined reports, visualizations, and enhanced data fields.

“After three years of working together, we consider OZMOSI as our partner not a vendor. Whenever we are looking for support on an analytical or strategic question, they are our first option.”

“We found OZMOSI to be extremely flexible, patient, and willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. We felt that even though they had done this for larger companies, they were able to scale their process to what we needed.”

“We came to OZMOSI with a tight deadline, a complicated problem, and a big internal team to manage.  They helped us do something we thought impossible, and they were terrific to work with.”

“OZMOSI has a dedication to service that is unparalleled in this industry, finding concerns with inherent data that no other vendor uncovered!”

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We synthesize and process insights, delivering what you need quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

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