A multinational pharmaceutical firm asked Ozmosi to provide forecasts to assess the market impact of delays in delivering new formulation and packaging for an existing product. A planned reformulation seen as necessary to preserving market share had been delayed for fifteen months, and the management team was concerned about the effect that delay would have on the company’s market share, and on the continued profitability of the drug. There was even some doubt from management that a reformulation was still cost-effective after such a delay. Ozmosi had to work with existing forecast models, modifying these to reflect recent market research findings and providing analyses to highlight the key issues and outcomes.

The analysis vividly demonstrated the costs of delaying the reformulation further—including tens of millions of dollars in lost sales each year. Ozmosi’s presentation illustrated in concrete terms the likely results of additional delays including the impact of each additional month.

Based on Ozmosi’s presentation, the team came together around a decision to pursue the reformulation and is now moving forward to bring the reformulated treatment to market as quickly as possible.

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