KRYSTL makes reviewing the latest published information effortless.

We provide comprehensive market scans across current patents, white papers, clinical activity, and news to give our clients the clearest view of recent activity. 


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Whether your needs are related to business development scans or R&D competitive intelligence based on key disease areas or mechanism of action (MoA), KRYSTL delivers data that is the most comprehensive and accurate available for market scans of pharmaceutical products in development.

Customizable and designed to reflect your company’s branding, our monthly report provides a detailed, interactive list of the most recently published information. Pulling from PubMed, patent applications, new study starts, clinical trial updates, and the latest news, each report includes highlights, summaries, and links to the original source – formatted exactly how you need to present the information to your internal customers.

We can provide reports in web-based formats or as printable PDFs. Our continuous scanning for pharmaceutical drug development activity worldwide and our world-class data index across our data sources makes for fast and efficient customized delivery. Our two-step process for patent data retrieval cleans the data, extracts any irrelevant content, and removes duplications.

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