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$RCUS Taiho Pharmaceutical intends to obtain exclusive rights to Quemliclustat in Japan and some Asian territories through an option exercise.

More Info: https://pryzm.ozmosi.com/product/20934 $XBI $IBB $XPH $PPH

$RVMD Revolution Medicines will give an update on RMC-6236 Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Clinical Program on July 15, 2024.

More Info: https://pryzm.ozmosi.com/product/25618 $XBI $IBB $XPH $PPH

$KYMR Kymera to expand KT-474 (SAR444656) HS and AD Phase 2 studies after interim safety and efficacy review.

More Info: https://pryzm.ozmosi.com/product/20894 $XBI $IBB $XPH $PPH


$HCM Sovleplenib - Phase III ESLIM-01 and Phase II/III ESLIM-02 studies of Syk inhibitor sovleplenib in immune thrombocytopenia ("ITP") and warm antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia, ("wAIHA") respectively.

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