Keeping up with the Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia


Keeping up with pharmaceutical landscape around the world, especially in Asia, is essential in today’s market. Here are some of the biggest news stories emerging from Asian countries that are making big strides in drug development. China: Recently, China has been quickly advancing in the process of approving of new drugs. This is in accordance to the new drug registration procedure under the Chinese FDA(CFDA). This new process is helping China to beat other countries, including the US, in the process of bringing drugs to market. For example, China was able to grant Astrazeneca and FribroGen approval for the drug [...]

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ELI LILLY in the Diabetes Market


For years, Eli Lilly’s main contributions to the Diabetes market were their insulins: fast acting analog Humalog® and human insulin Humalin and two premix offerings in analog Humalog® Mix 50/50 and human premix Humalin 75/25. Despite a legacy category, this portfolio of insulins continues to drive significant revenue with over $2.5 billion in Sales in 2016 alone. In the short acting market, Lilly’s Humalog® has competed primarily with Novo Nordisk’s NovoLog® with much of the battle between the two shifting from Sales Force to competing on PBM/payer access in recent years; physicians and patients do not see a whole lot of [...]

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Merck’s two blockbuster diabetes products, Janumet® and Januvia®, are DPP-4 inhibitors that generated nearly $3.3 billion in Sales in 2016.3 Januvia® is especially known for its great cardiovascular safety profile, which has helped differentiate itself in its class. But Merck has no plans of stopping there with four different products in late stage development that appear to be promising. In conjunction with Pfizer, the company recently filed NDAs for three SGLT-2 inhibitors based on their  ertugliflozin molecule – one as a monotherapy, another in combination with Januvia® (sitagliptin) and the third a combination with metformin. Despite expectations to launch with three [...]


Letting the Data Tell the Story


In our previous post we described the technique for assigning categories to data, based on input from content experts within a “training database”.  This technique is effective for summarizing large, text-heavy data into specific categories for summaries and improved visualization.  While this approach is useful for those purposes, it will not allow us to uncover new insights or trends because we are imposing a preconceived and finite set of options, or in other words, what we already know. The following describes our approach to using clustering techniques for exploring text-heavy data. We applied this technique to two different datasets: scientific journals [...]

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One of the most common and powerful approaches in NLP provides the content experts an opportunity to label each data segment for a portion of the dataset and then analyze these labels to apply to the rest of the dataset. Some key questions need to be answered when applying this approach in different environments.   For example, how many “expert” labels do we need to create before the classification works effectively?  How can we evaluate this in advance?  Are we limiting ourselves to only extracting from the data what we already believe to be true?  We will discuss that last one in [...]


Finding the Needle in the Haystack with NLP


The problem with Big Data is that it is so Big!  This issue is especially true in the world of healthcare and drug development.  It is difficult to see across all the good clinical/scientific work going on around the world and understand exactly where we are headed and how we will get there for any given disease area.  It’s about time we move from manually tackling the pharmaceutical data to using the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.  NLP is at its early stage in the pharma industry and brings a strong potential to find trends and insights [...]

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We’re Back!


Ozmosi has been on a purpose-driven hiatus peppered with innovation, development and growth. In less than one year, we have compiled the world’s largest free comprehensive global clinical trial database, as well as an intuitive tool that enables effective and efficient analytic management. The free data base will be available to the public in the next couple of weeks and we are proud to provide it, because we believe that free data should be free. Our rapid expansion in capabilities has prompted the hire of a Natural Language Processing Specialist and a Client Service Director. This labor-intensive collaboration has brought the [...]

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New Faces in Big Pharma & the Rise of the Billion Dollar Deal


M&A mania is here. Unprecedented deal values for mergers and acquisitions dominated in 2014.  Worldwide M&A was up 47% since 2013 with 95 deals valued greater than $5 billion, as reported by Reuters. Most deals were transacted in the energy, media/entertainment and healthcare sectors. If history is a guide, the cyclical nature of mergers and acquisitions will continue, and healthcare is no exception. Healthcare deals reach a new high.  Is it supply and demand? Deal values more than tripled last year in the healthcare sector, with the average deal at $1.4 billion. Deals in the healthcare industry are getting pricier, driven [...]

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