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Our consulting services deliver expert data analysis and reliable forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry in all phases of drug development.

Our goal is to provide a path through the noise. Our engagements mean you’ll be partnering with dependable people who have real-world experience, and our focus is always on your success.

Company Valuation

With our highly indexed world-class pharmaceutical development data at our fingertips, OZMOSI consulting can evaluate a company’s complete R&D portfolio and forecast financial value by utilizing our panels of experts, market models, and robust industry benchmarks. Every element of the valuation is mapped out to deliver a clear explanation of value that includes the sum of risk and reward at the product and company levels to support your specific investment needs.

If you are looking to evaluate your pipeline or potential acquisition targets, that’s not a problem, we have the data, analytics, and software you need to get the job delivered exactly the way you need it. We can deliver all portfolio-level data through portfolio software designed by our partners at Planview/Enrich specifically for this purpose. You receive frictionless push-button exploration of multiple outcomes, multiple investment scenarios, optimization, and comparing their impact on value.

If specific or proprietary financial metrics need to be incorporated, that’s not a problem. The software is designed to incorporate custom financials and provide summaries at the drug, disease area, business unit, or total company level. In our 20+ years in the industry, there isn’t much we haven’t seen.

Product Revenue Forecasts Graph
Revenue Forecasting Analysis Graph

Forecasting Analysis

Pharmaceutical forecasting consulting provides insights into where the market is going and how pharmaceutical and biotech products might go to market. Accurate, reliable forecasts are critical for creating a viable clinical pipeline, directing development decisions, allocating resources, and shaping strategy. Our proprietary pressure-tested forecasting methodology and comprehensive industry knowledge give you the tools you need to pinpoint opportunities and highlight vulnerabilities.

Forecasting Models:

Develop criteria for driving strong adoption at launch


Identify likely ranges for patient share


Market Analysis Consulting

Our Market Scan includes a clinical pipeline analysis to detect competitors, map emerging market landscapes, and identify what it takes to succeed. Market Scans provide a market analysis with a 360-degree view of the competitive landscape for a product, therapeutic area, or geographic market and identify relevant external factors, including healthcare systems and reimbursement approaches, emerging regulatory frameworks, and patient population dynamics. Insights gleaned from in-market products are combined with a survey of relevant competitors—either on the market or in clinical development—resulting in a complete set of market share forecasts and analytical insights.

Pharmaceutical Market Analysis Consulting

Portfolio Management

Complete portfolio management analysis to identify the best mix of investment options for a given brand, therapy area, or market. Our portfolio analysis tools give you the power to answer critical “what if” questions about your product or portfolio to build confidence in your strategy, based on relevant data and powerful predictive analytics models. This service lets you match your investments to your company’s overarching strategy, identify risks and gaps across your clinical pipeline, and prioritize resource allocations accordingly. Our portfolio management service compares investment scenarios and product development strategies, then assesses them against growth targets or strategic objectives, giving you the ability to map the effect of market events on the value of your product or portfolio.


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