Case Study Portfolio – Building a Portfolio Framework


When a pharmaceutical company in China realized it needed outside help to identify and close the gaps in its R&D portfolio, its leaders turned to Ozmosi for a complete, bottom-up portfolio management solution. The company was missing key data for many of their projects. What’s more, data collection and maintenance practices were inconsistent across therapeutic areas. The company needed help to construct a portfolio process that would ensure managers had access to the information they needed to align resources with strategy, identify potential gaps, and decide which projects to fund. For the initial phase of the project, Ozmosi created a prioritization [...]

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Pharma Forecasting Case Study – Shaping R&D Strategy


The oncology team of a major multinational pharmaceutical company asked Ozmosi to provide additional forecasting support for a newly acquired product. They needed to update and validate the current forecast models to identify the most effective development strategies for the compound across all indications. The team was concerned with how to get their product to the most critical patients and wanted to explore strategies to maximize market share and minimize losses to cannibalization. Ozmosi provided global forecasts for multiple indications across multiple products, assessing the value impact of multiple development scenarios. The scenarios we developed considered the effects of differences in [...]

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Pharma Forecasting Case Study – Valuing the Impact of Development Delays


A multinational pharmaceutical firm asked Ozmosi to provide forecasts to assess the market impact of delays in delivering new formulation and packaging for an existing product. A planned reformulation seen as necessary to preserving market share had been delayed for fifteen months, and the management team was concerned about the effect that delay would have on the company’s market share, and on the continued profitability of the drug. There was even some doubt from management that a reformulation was still cost-effective after such a delay. Ozmosi had to work with existing forecast models, modifying these to reflect recent market research findings [...]

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Case Study Portfolio – Prioritization aligning teams on value and risk and guiding investment


The Asia-Pacific R&D unit of a large, multinational pharmaceutical company needed a pipeline prioritization approach to guide regional investment and development efforts to maximize continued growth. The portfolio team required a flexible approach that incorporated the differing needs and market characteristics of the countries in the region, while considering the elements of risk and value inherent in individual products in the pipeline. The solution also had to provide rigorous, quantitative results across a group of countries whose teams supported various levels of rigor for financial reporting. Furthermore, the system had to roll up inputs in a meaningful way, so that its [...]

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