When a pharmaceutical company in China realized it needed outside help to identify and close the gaps in its R&D portfolio, its leaders turned to Ozmosi for a complete, bottom-up portfolio management solution.

The company was missing key data for many of its projects. What’s more, data collection and maintenance practices were inconsistent across therapeutic areas. The company needed help to construct a portfolio process that would ensure managers had access to the information they needed to align resources with strategy, identify potential gaps, and decide which projects to fund.

For the project’s initial phase, Ozmosi created a prioritization process that relied on qualitative inputs, converting them to quantitative assessments to guide prioritization within and across therapy areas. Implementing this initial step was critical in developing a common language that could be used across therapy areas and functions and a common approach to be implemented throughout the company for evaluating pipeline products and business development opportunities in terms of value and risk.

Ozmosi worked to build out the portfolio process and integrate it into the company’s structure in the follow-on phases. First, we helped the company develop administrative and managerial processes to support the flow of projects through the system and keep the portfolio process healthy and current. Then, in the third phase, we loaded current data into a third-party portfolio-management system that provided modeling and reports to support strategic planning and portfolio development into the future.

Today, the company can review and analyze multiple investment scenarios, aligning R&D investments with the organization’s overall strategy. The senior management team is using the data to develop options for growth, and the tools provided by this process have contributed to the company’s ability to sustain growth and remain competitive.

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