The Asia-Pacific R&D unit of a large, multinational pharmaceutical company needed a pipeline prioritization approach to guide regional investment and development efforts to maximize continued growth. The portfolio team required a flexible approach that incorporated the differing needs and market characteristics of the countries in the region, while considering the elements of risk and value inherent in individual products in the pipeline.

The solution also had to provide rigorous, quantitative results across a group of countries whose teams supported various levels of rigor for financial reporting. Furthermore, the system had to roll up inputs in a meaningful way, so that its assessments were meaningful at all levels, from the country to the region. The goal was full regional alignment, so that managers at all levels could identify and assess local opportunities, plan R&D and marketing resources, and communicate meaningfully up and down the chain of command.

Building the prioritization solution was complex because the model had to take into account differences in organizational structure across country teams, as well as substantial differences in market characteristics and variations in portfolio approach and data rigor across teams.

Ozmosi created a repeatable prioritization process and tool that accepted managers’ qualitative inputs and converted them to standardized quantitative outputs that could be analyzed and compared. This solution was validated at the regional and global level, confirming that portfolio approaches were aligned across all geographies—even when inputs varied by type and level of rigor. As a result of the process, everyone involved has now been trained in the approach, creating a common understanding and a common language to use in discussing the pipeline portfolio and business development opportunities.

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