A regional marketing team for a multinational pharmaceutical company needed a complete market overview of a neuroscience therapy area within the Asia Pacific region. This overview had both internal and external perspectives covering the science, competitive and regulatory landscapes, and healthcare mindset across a very diverse group of countries.

This overview needed to be developed for the internal experts to present at a two-day team meeting intended to review the marketplace and develop a cross-functional strategy to guide the neuroscience team’s work across R&D, business development, regulatory affairs, and marketing.

Ozmosi tapped into its expert network of scientists and market professionals to build a portrait of each country’s healthcare environment—from cultural issues, such as how particular diagnoses are perceived in different countries, to reimbursement systems and pricing. The final deliverable provided a truly comprehensive overview of the market, broken down by country across the key areas of interest. The Ozmosi team provided both the depth and breadth of information required to guide the team’s strategy development exercise, in a cohesive format that allowed the client to determine best next steps and helped the various functions to align on the critical steps for success.

The clear, complete view of the market provided by Ozmosi allowed the team to develop a general strategic plan and a set of priorities on which it could execute. Ozmosi was invited back the following year to provide an update for the neuroscience team (the original client) and to provide the same service for the company’s other four therapeutic areas.

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