We all know the basics for fighting the COVID-19 virus, like washing our hands and staying socially distant from one another, but what about future vaccines and treatments? There is a lot of talk right now about different companies making progress and potential treatments on their way, but what is available right now? Where can patients go today to get the treatment they need? Below we describe the current treatments that are in the clinic right now and have listed for you all the facilities in the US and EU where patients can find a treatment in development for COVID-19. We have plans to expand our list to include Japan and China in the coming weeks.

As of right now, we know there are over 100 trials ongoing on for COVID-19 treatments. These trials range in their approach, a vaccine in the Netherlands, blood plasma, stem cells, and of course drug treatments.  There are several drugs being explored but the one most talked about lately is remdesivir, an anti-viral from Gilead which is in trial right now in almost 100 hospital facilities across the US and 50 hospital facilities across Europe.  The early reports indicate positive outcomes for remdesivir and we are expecting more official results to come in late April, early May.  Gilead isn’t the only one expecting results in the near term either. Right now we have our eyes on MedSIR’s IL6/PD-1 combo expected in mid-May, and later in the year results from InflaRx and Apeiron (see timeline below). If some of the hype is true, we expect to see a few others come onto the scene later in the year, but right now we are only looking at two companies delivering anything by summer.

So, the question is, where do you start if you want to get involved with a COVID-19 clinical trial? Our clinical trial database shows that there are over 160 hospital facilities spanning across thirty-six sates in the US and another 50 in Europe offering clinical trial treatment for COVID-19.  For a free list of the hospitals and clinics that are currently treating patients for COVID-19 you can go to GlobalClinicalTrials.  In addition to the list of facilities and their locations, we have added the treatment approach and a direct link to the clinical trial if you would like to inquire further about being a part of the trial.

In the meantime, if you find yourself with symptoms of COVID-19 follow CDC and WHO guidelines and consult your physician. Get lots of rest, stay hydrated, and take medications to help reduce fever and aches. Obtain information from trusted sources and be sure to report any disinformation you may come across. Our list of facilities and clinical trial data will be updated weekly, so you know you are getting the most up-to-date information from the team at OZMOSI. Stay tuned for more updates!