To succeed in the market, you have to understand the market.

An Ozmosi Market Scan delivers critical market insights through clinical pipeline analysis and market-share forecasts to help guide prioritization and decision making.

We seek to answer the big questions about the market for a product:

  • How big is the market?
  • Who are the key competitors?
  • Who treats the patients, and where?
  • What is the current gold standard treatment for the relevant indications?
  • What other treatments are in development?
  • What will it take to be successful in this market with this product?

An Ozmosi Market Scan…

  • Provides market analysis with a complete, 360-degree view of the competitive landscape for a product, therapeutic area, or geographic market
  • Identifies relevant external factors, including healthcare systems and reimbursement approaches, emerging regulatory frameworks and patient population dynamics
  • Combines insights gleaned from in-market products with a survey of relevant competitors—either on the market or in clinical development—resulting in a complete set of market share forecasts and analytical insights

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Case Study

Understanding the Competition and Defining Opportunity

A small startup medical device company needed a broader understanding of its potential competitors and a more complete picture of what it would take to succeed, both at launch and over the lifetime of its product. To help pinpoint both opportunities and vulnerabilities, Ozmosi provided a full scan of the company’s market space, including all potential competitors, segmented by product attributes and launch timing.

Ozmosi’s final analysis assessed the market space through two lenses: competitors and products. We delivered a comprehensive overview of competitors, segmenting the marketplace by customer type served and product offerings. This information was further overlaid with the launch timing of each product to better illustrate how the competitive landscape could shift over the life cycle of the client’s product.

In addition to the competitive elements, Ozmosi analyzed the investment history of each competitor, including its funding level and financial status. This analysis provided insights into how devices in the market space were funded, allowing the company to see what funding arrangements and market dynamics looked like for the more successful efforts.

Impressed by the scope and scale of the analysis, the company contracted Ozmosi to provide a follow-on study, which provided deeper insight into a selected segment of competitor companies, looking more closely at their portfolios and financial data. The leadership team used these data to fine tune the company’s development strategy, consider new possibilities for partnering with erstwhile competitors, and tailor its approach to key investors for critical projects.

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