Portfolio Management & Forecasting – Determining Financial Impact in a Complex Market

OZMOSI provided clarity and consistency in pipeline investments and illuminated the financial impact of investments for senior management in one of the most dynamic and complex pharmaceutical markets in the world.


Upon project initiation, there was a lack of consistency and reliability in the basic list of projects in development and in the associated project level cost and value. No risk-assessment information was available in any consistent format. Inconsistencies were the norm in the year-to-year list of projects, annual development costs, and expectations between Commercial & R&D.


We established a project prioritization scoring approach that involved both commercial and R&D teams to coordinate on the basic planning, evaluation of cost, risk, and value. We created therapy area benchmarks to use in coordination with prioritization results leading to actual forecasts and data management. We also established a portfolio system and delivered investment strategies to senior management based on these team inputs.


Regular portfolio reviews are now held to support senior-level investment and planning. The Global Finance organization is demonstrating a higher degree of trust in the valuations and investment needs of the country, and there is clarity on the investment needed to meet strategic goals, even in the face of a very dynamic regulatory environment.


By providing a framework for the teams to work within and building processes for sharing data and data accountability, as well as providing a system to streamline reporting, we were able to meet the needs of the teams and senior management in understanding the pipeline.

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