Comprehensive Alternative Data for Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies

Our data transforms pharmaceutical forecasting, fosters industry collaboration, and expedites drug development.

About the Data

BEAM is the most comprehensive pharmaceutical pipeline point-in-time data available, covering 20 years of history with over 1,000,000 observations of pipeline data for 1,800 pharma/biotech ticker symbols, which includes over 10,000 pharmaceutical products. In addition to the breadth and depth of our data, it meets the highest quality standards in the industry, delivering higher quality for modeling and reporting capabilities than any other data source available.

  • Predict relative stock performance, the likelihood of success, timing, and value impact of company trials with our proprietary data elements for biomarkers, novel status, endpoints, and mechanism of action to support your predictive analytics.
  • Compare company pipeline strength and determine the ability to win using point-in-time clinical trial data, including more than 1,800 ticker symbols mapped to public companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
  • Make more informed decisions to mitigate risk by leveraging pharmaceutical data. Unlock the biotech and pharmaceutical R&D landscape to power predictive analytics with access to 20+ years of model-ready clinical trial data.

OZMOSI  provides companies with the data they need to make decisions in a high-risk environment.

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