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Our data transforms pharmaceutical forecasting, fosters industry collaboration, and expedites drug development.

A robust set of data available for building prediction models:

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AI and machine learning to enhance and refine clinical trial data so you can plan, prepare, and invest in high-risk environments.

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We’re changing how the healthcare industry works.

Welcome to OZMOSI – a next-generation data and analytics company dedicated to supporting any client investing in the healthcare industry. We’re one of the first to automate clinical trial data collection and meaningfully incorporate AI and machine learning into data refinement, categorization, and predictions of clinical trial data.

About Us

OZMOSI was founded on the idea that today’s healthcare data can be better accessed, understood, and leveraged. We believe analytics – based on big data or small data – can support better business decisions.

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Track Company Strength By Disease Area

Applying BEAM value index and risk adjustment, you can easily summarize and visualize any group of companies and their current pipeline by disease area or stage of development. 

Compare data from one time period to the next to identify trends or apply this data to identify the best small to mid-sized M&A matches. 

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Product Discovery | Tracking | Probability of Success

Track Predictions for Clinical Readouts

Clinical outcomes are one of the most common drivers of value shifts in the pharmaceutical and biotech marketplace. Now you can have all the predicted announcement dates and probability of success at your fingertips. 

NEW! Next-Gen Probability of Success for Each Development Stage

Our NEW probability of success measure is uncovering multiple industry trends that were never before available.

Contact us today to learn about how our success predictions are delivering accuracy rates of 70%-80%. 

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