Portfolio Management, Company Evaluation, & Market Analysis – Global Growth Analysis

We developed a process to evaluate the best mix of projects to invest in regionally for growth in multiple countries with very different pharmaceutical markets, regulatory environments, and unmet needs.


Projects were being developed in the Asia-Pacific region inefficiently, driving Global development costs higher and delaying the product’s availability in the region which impacted the lives of those patients and the global value of the product.


A project-level prioritization approach was developed to incorporate the key elements of cost, risk, and value. The region oversaw the prioritization approach within each country, and the final results were weighted by country with a clear list of regional priorities developed for Global planning.


Global development plans were developed to include systematic input from the regions, the regional commercial teams uncovered gaps in market knowledge in time to inform the R&D development strategy, and the top priority projects were slated to reach the market much earlier than their predecessors as a result.


Including the team in a transparent and repeatable process for evaluating projects across multiple settings can impact value even when those inputs are mostly qualitative. Further, incorporating these qualitative elements when there is a lack of consistency in actual data can lead to the creation of quantitative data through the use of benchmarks and, eventually, patient-based approaches.

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