Company Valuation & Portfolio Management – Assessing Pipeline Needs

We worked directly with a client using consolidation of business practices, financial valuations, data sharing, analytics, and portfolio analysis tools across five separate business units to better inform senior management of pipeline needs for meeting strategic goals.


Upon project initiation, senior management was seeking information to inform the best investment approach across multiple business units. The current approaches were not feasible for summarizing across business units in a timely or informative fashion due to a number of data issues, business practices, and systems.


We established uniformity and accountability across business units in the processing of project, financial, and commercial data elements. We also coordinated data updates to coincide with portfolio reviews, streamlining regular updates from 3 months to 1 week. Finally, we delivered key analyses to support senior management needs and shared these back with the teams to reinforce these new practices and the use of portfolio tools.


Regular portfolio reviews were held to support senior-level investment and planning for the pipeline to meet strategic goals. One of the greatest impacts was the ability to demonstrate the impact of not investing externally to further provide the impetus needed for an unprecedented investment in L&A activity that grew the organization’s value by ~80% in just a few years.


A clear and repeatable view of the pipeline’s limitations resulting in an unprecedented level of investment and growth was made possible by coordinating the processes and timing of analyses across business units and locking these processes into a portfolio system.

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