Business Development Scan – Searching For Viable Acquisition Targets

OZMOSI was tasked with delivering a regular comprehensive business development scan with the goal of managing and tracking a portfolio of candidates and their scientific progress to assist the BD team with prioritization and ranking.


As there was no single comprehensive data source of candidates, there was a need to combine all sources, remove the false positives, and consolidate the duplicates. Standardization is a tedious process, and both data transformation and data cleaning were required for each individual data source. Also, the production of one single report is labor intensive. Our clients were finding that their experts in business development were spending too many resources on cleaning/processing data. The methods they were using resulted in a more ad-hoc approach to business development scans instead of a portfolio approach, and they were rarely satisfied that they were delivering the most comprehensive search possible.


OZMOSI applied the same daily cleaning and consolidation technique to our client’s proprietary data sources and blended these with ours to deliver the most comprehensive and consolidated views of the marketplace available.


The internal team had a much larger set of potential candidates with the very latest clinical, scientific, and news in front of them than they ever had before. The team immediately experienced a 5X increase in the number of viable candidates to review while simultaneously decreasing false positives and duplicates. The resources to deliver this increase were less than in the previous exercise, which delivered lower quality outputs less frequently.

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