Market Analysis

Clinical Pipeline Insights

To succeed in the market, you have to understand the market.

An Ozmosi Market Scan delivers critical market insights through clinical pipeline analysis and market-share forecasts to help guide prioritization and decision making.

We seek to answer the big questions about the market for a product:

  • How big is the market?
  • Who are the key competitors?
  • Who treats the patients, and where?
  • What is the current gold standard treatment for the relevant indications?
  • What other treatments are in development?
  • What will it take to be successful in this market with this product?

An Ozmosi Market Scan…

  • Provides market analysis with a complete, 360-degree view of the competitive landscape for a product, therapeutic area, or geographic market
  • Identifies relevant external factors, including healthcare systems and reimbursement approaches, emerging regulatory frameworks and patient population dynamics
  • Combines insights gleaned from in-market products with a survey of relevant competitors—either on the market or in clinical development—resulting in a complete set of market share forecasts and analytical insights

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