Beau Bush


Beau Bush brings to every client a rich background in predictive analytics, risk assessments, and valuation models for the pharmaceutical industry. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing data-based business and investment strategies, including extensive experience preparing and delivering senior-level summaries and recommendations for global investment and growth strategies.

After more than a decade working on new product development, Beau left his position as Associate Director of Strategy and Portfolio Analysis at Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) in 2013, when he saw the opportunity to engage more directly with an increasingly complex and dynamic healthcare market.

With newly emerging business models and increasing complexity in drug development making it more and more difficult to predict the impact of new products—or decide which products to pursue—Beau envisioned a company that could bring clarity and confidence to the investment decisions that shape tomorrow’s pharmaceutical products.

Beau has a BS in biology from Rutgers University and has worked in several industries, including finance, pharmaceuticals, marine biology, environmental science, and business consulting.  He brings to Ozmosi a deep understanding and broad knowledge of global market valuation and healthcare product development, as well as an extensive network of industry experts.

Michael Hudak


Michael leads Data Services with strong background in supply chain and financial analytics.  In addition to his strong analytics background he is an industry expert in clinical trial data and is often the senior analyst on our internal and client based clinical trial data analysis projects.  He is highly proficient with data processing practices and tools necessary for analyzing the vast amounts of data connected to the healthcare industry.  Michael was the lead developer of our Customized BEAM business intelligence tool and led the creation of the Global Clinical Trials database.

In his spare time at OZMOSI Michael leads Client Services projects too, such as pharmaceutical portfolio reviews, forecast tool development and company valuations for M&A analyses.

Michael earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Salisbury University in Maryland. With this education, he brings a breadth of knowledge which is applied daily to OZMOSI’s various projects.

Ray Dara


Ray heads Client Services with over fifteen years of experience in analytics, including thirteen years in the pharmaceuticals industry with extensive hands-on experience in marketing/sales analytics and processing industry data for driving decisions and strategy for incentive compensation, sales forces analytics and data reporting.

His background includes over four years at ZS Associates, a Sales & Marketing Consulting firm, and eight years at Novo Nordisk, in the company’s internal consulting department, Commercial Effectiveness.  Ray’s experience on both the client and consulting side provides a level of experience and perspective that insures our clients receive exactly what they need in a consistent manner.  He knows what they need because he used to sit in their chair.

Ray holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University and approaches each new project with an “always innovate” mindset.


Sonam Gupta


Spends her days applying natural language processing techniques to the many large databases available in healthcare.  Her role in aggregating and interpreting large amounts of information using machine learning algorithms supports client deliverables and is geared toward improving our already powerful forecast models. Through the addition of NLP techniques, such as part-of-speech tagging, sentiment analysis, text classification and many more, the end goal is to make smarter models over time using deep learning and advanced machine learning for text data.

Sonam Gupta comes from a machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) background, along with a computer science foundation. She has a Master’s Degree in Information Systems with a focus on data analytics from Harrisburg University in Pennsylvania.

Molly Felter


Molly is responsible for providing our clients with the customized and specific research and summaries that their important projects demand. When she is not busy delivering insights for our customers she is making sure our other projects are on time and on budget, she keeps things running at OZMOSI.  Molly is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in business.