From Data ... to Insight ... to Confidence

From Data ... to Insight ... to Confidence

From Data … To Insight … To Confidence


Delivering expert data analysis and reliable forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry

Our Services

Ozmosi provides a range of services to help you uncover opportunities in all phases of drug development.

Our proprietary forecasting models are pressure tested, and our powerful software tools allow for quick, flexible delivery of the insight you need, when you need it—and in the format you need it.

Ozmosi’s current works falls into four broad categories:

Market Analysis

Our Market Scan includes a clinical pipeline analysis to detect competitors, map emerging market landscapes, and identify what it takes to succeed

Forecasting Solutions

Pharmaceutical forecasting provides insights for where the market is going and how pharma & biotech products might go to market

Portfolio Management

Complete portfolio management analysis to identify the best mix of investment options for a given brand, therapy area, or market

Company Valuation

Valuations incorporate our pharmaceutical and biotech market models, tools, and resources to deliver robust forecasts of revenue and cost

About Us

Ozmosi was founded with the singular mission to provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the support they need to make hard decisions in a high-risk and highly uncertain environment.

We are dedicated to providing pharmaceutical forecasting, data analysis and insights to support your strategic decision making, moving you from data, to insight, to confidence.

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How We Are Different

When you hire Ozmosi, you’re not hiring just another consulting team with a set of standard report formats. Founder Beau Bush was a client before he was a consultant, so we understand what you need—and how you need it.

We’ll take the time to explore your specific business questions, and then assemble the tools to answer them from our disease area expert panels, industry benchmark libraries, and proprietary financial forecasting models.

What’s more, those answers will come packaged in the formats you need, using the terms and financials you need to deliver results—including full profit-and-loss statements demonstrating the cumulative value impact of your product decisions.

The state-of-the-art software tools we use allow us to deliver complex analyses, including “what-if” scenarios, quickly and efficiently, so you always have the knowledge you need to respond to your dynamic market.

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Why a career at OZMOSI?

We work closely with our clients to do cool stuff in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. OZMOSI provides solutions and strategic support grounded in predictive analytics and data analysis.

  • We enable senior executives to make strategic decisions with confidence
  • We bring clarity to complex business questions filled with uncertainty
  • We generate insights that can be translated into action

Our Philosophy

Hire good people and give them the autonomy to do great things. Our ultimate goal is to help change how the healthcare industry works, from the inside out.

We need big thinkers that are willing to try something new and look at old problems from a new perspective. We’re about finding creative solutions, trying things that haven’t been tried, and developing capabilities that others can’t. That’s how we deliver unique thinking to our clients.

We are currently hiring for these positions:

Data Scientist

As a Data scientist, you will create, curate and help expand the world’s largest database of clinical trials data. There is a lot of data out there, and we are doing our best to make sense of it all. You will need programming skills to further automate the cleaning and gleaning of quantitative data from the text-heavy data formats. Familiarity with machine learning and special techniques for working with text-heavy data to create categories are a big plus.

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, you’ll work directly with high-level clients to understand their business challenges and build analytical models to solve their problems. Most of your time will be spent creating, refining, validating, and summarizing analyses. If you have experience working with statistical methods and software, an understanding of financial analysis, and/or knowledge of the pharmaceutical, biotech, or high-technology industries that’s a plus.


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