COVID-19 Clinical Trials and Where to Get Treated: May 18, 2020 Update


Here is a quick update on the ever-evolving world of COVID-19 trials.  Since our initial posting on this topic, three weeks ago, the number of trials has grown from 100 to over 300. The number of clinical facilities with clinical trials for COVID-19 has grown from 160 to over 600. The fairly optimistic results about Gilead’s remdesivir, at the beginning of May, was a small sign of hope for patients and their families.  You can seek entrance to these ongoing trials in over 140 facilities in the US and 70 in the EU (list of over 200 clinical facilities in the [...]

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COVID-19 Clinical Trials and Where to Get Treated


We all know the basics for fighting the COVID-19 virus, like washing our hands and staying socially distant from one another, but what about future vaccines and treatments? There is a lot of talk right now about different companies making progress and potential treatments on their way, but what is available right now? Where can patients go today to get the treatment they need? Below we describe the current treatments that are in the clinic right now and have listed for you all the facilities in the US and EU where patients can find a treatment in development for COVID-19. We [...]

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Keeping up with the Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia


Keeping up with pharmaceutical landscape around the world, especially in Asia, is essential in today’s market. Here are some of the biggest news stories emerging from Asian countries that are making big strides in drug development. China: Recently, China has been quickly advancing in the process of approving of new drugs. This is in accordance to the new drug registration procedure under the Chinese FDA(CFDA). This new process is helping China to beat other countries, including the US, in the process of bringing drugs to market. For example, China was able to grant Astrazeneca and FribroGen approval for the drug [...]

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China Reshaping the Clinical Trial Pipeline


Finally, the data is in here at OZMOSI, and we can start tracking and reporting on the clinical development expected to come out of China.  Gone are the days of developing drugs only in the US and then watching them slowly make their way to the rest of the world. China’s current trial pipeline below illustrates a disease area focus that is on par with what we see and expect from the US, EU, and Japan.   And that’s only the beginning.  China is now taking a very active role in developing novel therapies directly, and not just for their own [...]

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The Clinical Trial Powershift


Pharmaceutical companies are being pushed aside when it comes to who is driving clinical outcomes. Despite the growing number of industry trials year over year, the pharmaceutical industry is taking a back seat to the even faster growing hospital groups and universities in the same space.  Looking back to the year 2000, 8 out of the top 10 clinical trial sponsors were large pharmaceutical companies.  Historically, over the same time period, pharma companies accounted for more than 30% of all clinical trials. Today, not a single pharmaceutical company rises to the level of top 10 clinical trial sponsors, and they account [...]

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