Business Analyst

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Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, you’ll work directly with high-level clients to understand their business challenges and build analytical models to solve their problems. Most of your time will be spent creating, refining, validating, and summarizing analyses. If you have experience working with statistical methods and software, an understanding of financial analysis, and/or knowledge of the pharmaceutical, biotech, or high-technology industries that’s a plus. Your tools will consist mainly of Excel and PowerPoint.


  • You work well in a close-knit environment, yet have the ability to work independently
  • You are a hard worker and you aim to work with high-level staff in our client organizations
  • You are flexible and have a good creative and problem-solving mind
  • You are organized and proficient in Excel and PowerPoint
  • You are detail oriented and skilled at proofreading
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a business field is preferred


  • Researching pharmaceutical companies, markets and products
  • Create and maintain databases
  • Monthly client reports, newsletters and updates
  • Support multiple client driven projects through analyses and slide preparation

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